About Us

Memaw’s Country Coffee is a small father-and-daughter business run by Delandual Conwell and his daughter Aisha. Inspired by our family's matriarch, we wanted to bring high-quality coffee blends from our front porch to yours! Through our online store, you can get a variety of popular coffee blends
delivered right to your door.

Who is Memaw?
If you’re from the American south, then you will hear the name Memaw, used a lot for grandparents. Our family's Memaw is Dorsey Conwell! Raised in the blue-collar world of Western Kentucky and the hollers of the Ohio Valley, she believes that every good day has to start with a great cup of coffee (and with a little something sweet to go with it).

Why Coffee?
The answer to this is pretty simple. We wanted to center our business around something that people can never get enough of. After a visit back home, we joined our Memaw in her favorite morning spot; her front porch in her chair swing! With her little Chihuahua, Missy, on her lap and a steaming cup in her hand, she talked to us until it was time to run errands around her small town. When going inside, she remarked how it was hard to find a good cup of coffee for a reasonable price. We looked at each other and the rest was history.